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Humanist Network News: The Bookless Humanist

[originally posted through Humanist Network News] How does a humanist, who doesn’t believe in a magic deity (or deities), navigate the rocky road of life without a guidebook? Chaplains often ask the question above, or a version of it, when … Continue reading

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Religious Groups Criticize Houston VA for Respecting Families’ Wishes

The Houston Chronicle reports that some Christian groups have filed suit against the constitutional policies of the VA cemetery administration. The nation remembers Richard Tillman, who jumped on stage to stand up for his brother Pat Tillman’s wishes. The Veterans Affairs Cemetery Administration protects the family when it restricts the religious speech of volunteers, and volunteers can opt out of funerals where the family has not requested a religious service consistent with the religious interests of the volunteer. Volunteers are given access to funerals to support the family, not to promote personal religious beliefs.
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