Remembering Scott Smith and a Tragic End

Update: The family has set up a fundraiser. This is confirmed and a good spot to give.

Scott Smith killed his wife Jennifer yesterday morning, Nov 27th, 2017, and then himself. He left their two daughters and his son without parents. This is a tragedy and a time to mourn. MAAF expresses sincere condolences to the family and children. They have not yet opted for a giving fund, but we will post it here when it comes available. Take a moment to hug your loved-ones and to consider the value of your life before we move on. We have opted not to show Jennifer or the children, but we will should the family request that. We have lost the friend we had in Scott, but Jennifer, their 3 daughters, and his son are the victims.

300 friends posted on his birthday just last month.

My first inclination, after shock and concern for those left behind, when I heard this news was to try to learn something from this unfortunate situation. We atheists don’t pray or wonder about the afterlife what a god might think. We come together to mourn and support the living. We try to learn and avoid the situation in the future.

Scott had friends all around him, in person and around the country. And yet this still happened. He seemed to have planned this in advance, waiting for police arrival before shooting. That having been said, there may be some other mental health issues contributing to this issue, in which case, maybe he had less than full control over his actions. And he used a handgun, which makes this one more incident of gun violence in America. We don’t really know what happened, and I’ve talked to those who were closest to him, and there is a lot despair and confusion, no certain answers.

“My heart breaks for the kids left behind after this tragedy, and I’m left in disbelief, confusion and shock from it.”- Phil Session, very close friend who arrived early to the scene.

“JENNIFER! I want people to know her name, JENNIFER, and how incredibly loving, wonderful, beautiful and intelligent she was.” From Vicki Gettman, excerpted from a longer post remembering the victim.

What this all means is not yet clear in many ways, even if one truth is horribly clear to 4 children. We should all take time to reach out to those closest to us. Please also watch the page on ways to support the children orphaned today.

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