Care Packages and Comedy for Foxhole Atheists

Over Veterans Day, local groups showed their thanks in Los Angeles and Huntsville Alabama. In Los Angeles, Sunday Assembly LA came together to build care packages. And in Huntsville Alabama, Homegrown Comedy dedicated donations from their Veterans Day show to MAAF and Still Serving Veterans.


Special Thanks from MAAF to Homegrown Comedy

Care Package programs are a monthly activity for MAAF and have gone all over the world for many years. Sunday Assembly LA sent to a portion of the MAAF list which changes monthly but currently includes Bagram and Kandahar bases in Afghanistan, middle eastern military installations in Bahrain, Al Udeid, and Al Dhafra, the USS American and USS Ronald Reagan, to Japan and Korea in Osan, Misawa, and Daegu, and to Europe at Croughton UK, Geilenkirchen German, Aviano Italy. You can show your support with a local event or a donation directly to MAAF for the most efficient way to help foxhole atheists.

Sunday Assembly LA gave thanks to troops

Sunday Assembly LA gave thanks to troops

As the holiday season approaches, Christmas celebrations will dominate US culture. Some will fall into the trap of consumerism and waste. Some will prefer devout Christian celebrations of the birth of Jesus. Humanists may prefer HumanLight. There are many other options. We can all come together to celebrate secular Christmas values of charity and family. MAAF encourages all those troops out in the world to get in the spirit of giving and good cheer. This will be hard if military leaders promote an exclusive Christian holiday celebration. But as we have done in the past many times, MAAF members will look for opportunities to participate rather than protesting celebrations that are “Christmas” in name but don’t privilege Christians in the content of the event.

What does your local Christmas Party or Parade look like? Have you gotten on the planning committee?

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