Foxhole Atheists May Update and Memorial Day

Leading up to Memorial Day, we’ve got an update for local group events and memorials. First let’s all congratulate the upcoming Academy graduates and recent promotees!

Send your Memorial Day events, pictures, and invocations.

photo for MAAF by Dexter Vilchis

photo for MAAF by Dexter Vilchis

MASH Joint Base San Antonio will be traveling to Ft Sam Houston cemetery to place flags on gravesites. This is a great example of atheists giving back to the community. The more we have inclusion and respect among military personnel, the more we can participate in positive ways.

Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange hosted a Bone Marrow donor registry drive through MASH Hawaii made this a primary event last week as a way to give back to the community.

Jase Heap, Humanist Chaplain candidate and Executive Director of United Coalition of Reason is speaking at the UU Congregation of Fairfax on May 25th regarding the status of atheists and humanists in the military. He will also be attending a MAAF donor reception at the Army Navy Club in Washington DC on June 8th. These are both great events worth travelling for.

Rich Silva at March Air Reserve Base was recently able to give a humanist invocation during a promotion ceremony. In a private, personal event like this, it can be appropriate to have personal additions such as a humanist invocation. This sets an example of when personal expressions are appropriate. And paraphrased excerpt is here:

“I ask that you look to your neighbor to your right and to your left and recognize that we are all here, sharing this experience as human beings. And it is in that nature that we can all come together and be with one another as we celebrate this promotion.”

Lots of other events are going on around the country. A Memorial Day cookout will be held at Ft Bragg. MASH Ft Bragg is one of the longest-running groups and will be hosting members for a cookout. Another long-running group is CENTEX MAAF at Ft Hood, and they will be hosting a luncheon as well.

Note: Be on notice that MCAS Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune, Scott AFB, Ft SillJoint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakenheath, and Eglin/Hurlburt Pensacola military installations have new leaders looking to connect with locals. Write in if you’re in the area. Madison offers a hello here:

Hi, I’m Madison Scaccia, self-described atheistic Humanist! I’m stationed, for the time being, at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ, though I’ll PCS to Eglin AFB, FL, in July ’15. I’ve been a non-believer since high school, out since my Freshman year of college, outspoken since my Senior year, and active in the community since I went on active duty in Fall 2011. I look forward to hearing from anyone who’d like to talk, debate, or is interested in continuing and expanding the Humanist mission here at JB MDL!

Humanists and Atheists of Las Vegas hosted a Memorial Day luncheon May 17th and offered discounts to military personnel. This arose from the MAAF National visit last month and attendees from Creech and Nellis AFB who were able to visit connect with the civilian humanist community. This military-specific activity is one of many great ways civilian groups can support foxhole atheists and show community involvement.

MASH Ft Campbell has been doing great events along with Kentucky Freethought. Wine and Wisdom, Meteor Shower watches, and the Rennaisance Fair. In April they a travelled to the American Atheists Convention and did an Ask An Atheist booth to introduce to the community. Over memorial day weekend, they are attending the Nashville Color Run. The purpose of the Color Run is to “promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together” and that sounds like humanism to me.




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