MAAF Affiliates in 2015 Off To A Strong Start

2015 has started off at a run for the MAAF Affiliate groups around the globe. We are in the process of developing affiliates in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Ellsworth in South Dakota. Internationally, MAAF affiliates are developing in Korea, Stuttgart in Germany, and Naples and NAS Sigonella in Italy. These newly developing groups bring the total of MAAF affiliate groups up to 47 around the globe, creating a strong network of support and resources for our service members, veterans, retirees, and their families.

Visit our page to see all of our affiliate locations. If yours isn’t listed, please reach out to MAAF to start organizing one today!  The MAAF community and network provides resources, support, and outreach

Minot Marquis Sign

Minot Marquis Sign advertising the first MAAF meeting.

Our newest affiliate is MASH Beale, near Beale AFB in California. This group formed to provide support and community for nontheists in the area, and will be holding their first Meet & Greet on February 26th. They are also working to develop a book club, Readin’ Heathens.

MAAF’s other new affiliate is in North Dakota, MAAF Minot. This group held their first meeting in early February, and successfully advertised it on the base marquis sign. Their next meeting is on March 4 at a local restaurant. Join these affiliate groups on Facebook to get the details of when and where.

MAAF Guam at trivia night.

MAAF Guam at trivia night.

MASH Hawaii continued their volunteerism efforts by holding another Bone Marrow Drive. This brings their total of new potential donors up to 94 individuals after two events held at the Naval Exchange in Pearl Harbor. Out in Guam, members of the local MAAF group came together to clean up and paint a local bus stop to help improve their community. MAAF Guam also holds monthly meetings and participates in local trivia nights to come together as a community. The Fort Leavenworth Area Humanists are slowly but surely seeing an increase in membership at their monthly meetings, and invite others to join them.  MASH Fort Bragg continues to come together monthly for Secular Suppers, community service, and other positive outreach activities.

MAAF San Diego with guest speaker Dan Arel.

MAAF San Diego with guest speaker Dan Arel.

MAAF San Diego is continuing to hold monthly gatherings. The most recent of which included guest speaker Dan Arel, author of the book Parenting Without God, who joined the group for a night of discussion about his experiences as an atheist writer and activist. Members of this local group also participated in a Military Humanists Fellowship Group at the end of January to bring together service members, veterans, retirees and civilian guests as an opportunity to network and interact with people in the local secular community and who want to make a positive difference. This event was covered by local news, and MAAF will share the articles once they are published.

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