Merry Everything, Happy Always! Seasons Best From MAAF

“Merry Everything, Happy Always!”

This was the quote shared by MASH Fort Campbell on their parade float for the Clarksville, Tennessee annual holiday parade.  The group constructed a parade float that informed the viewers of the “Evolution of Christmas,” showing how the holiday evolved from a winter solstice celebration, to Saturnalia, Yule, and finally Christmas.  Members who participated in the parade handed out candy and waved to the crowd along the route.  Response was positive, and the group was able to educate the community a bit more about the seasons holidays and traditions.

MAAF Ft Bragg Solstice Food Drive CollectionThe MASH Fort Bragg group ended their Winter Solstice Food Drive on December 19th, when Brenda and Paul Germain dropped off the accumulated donations to the Southern Pines branch of the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.  They donated 124 pounds of food and a cash donation of $150. This group also held their annual Solstice celebration gathering, with 17 heathens coming together for a pastafarian dinner, ornament making, and to decorate their Tree of Knowledge and hang stockings around their Star Trek display.

Aviano MAAF in Italy held another tabling event at the local BX, with information about their group and MAAF to create awareness and build their local membership. They had a “Choose Your Own Holiday Greeting” event.  On the table were several papers, each with a different seasonal greeting written on it, along with pieces of candy.  When a passerby selected a candy off a particular page, MAAF members would warmly state the greeting written on the page under the candy.  It was a very positive event, and embraced the diversity of all, and helped everyone see a positive message during the event.  The group was also able to speak with some supervisors, who collected information to share with their subordinates in their various units who might be interested.Aviano MAAF Holiday Cheer Table

The Fort Irwin Freethinkers hosted their event, the Festivus for the Rest of Us, on the Solstice, bringing together local members for a gathering of family, friends, free thought, and fun.  CENTEX MAAF and MASH Fort Campbell held a Solstice Brunches at local restaurants to share discussion and companionship over a meal.  MAAF Little Rock members attended a Winter Solstice Celebration hosted by a local Freethought group in Arkansas.  MAAF-JBLM in Washington held their first gathering in December at a local coffee house to discuss future gatherings and events.

Upcoming events include MAAF Redstone in Huntsville, Alabama, who will be coming together on the 25th for their seasonal get together, and CENTEX will host a White Elephant gift Exchange and Potluck.  KMC-MAAF members in Germany will be making their way to Weisbaden for a HumanLight Gathering and potluck meal.

At MAAF National, we organized a Toys for Tots collection, and were able to fill two of the collection boxes with donated toys for underprivileged children.  The toys will be distributed throughout the Northern Virginia area.  The mission of Toys for Tots is to send a message of hope to underprivileged children to help them become productive and patriotic citizens.

So, as December comes to an end, and as you have your own gatherings, MAAF and all of the affiliate groups wish you Merry Everything, and may you be happy always!

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  1. I see nothing wrong with people expressing their own beliefs but I did notice with the candy greetings “merry Christmas”was not there while”happy Hanukkah”was. I just don’t understand the specific aversion of christiChristianity. I am a former atheist turned christian and I remember my friends and I being extremely intolerant, dismissive, and even disrespectful towards christian beliefs specifically. I truly do wonder why this is so among atheists?

    • Maybe it never happened. Maybe if it did it was one isolated incident that was easily resolved. Maybe it’s your rush to victimhood that causes you to extrapolate one isolated event to widespread ill-will against christianity. Post a link so we can all see this terrible aversion to christianity. While you’re at it, check out our Stolen Valor page (under advocacy). This is just one small type of Christian abuse of the government and it’s nationwide. Christians use military service and government land to promote their beliefs. If there is ill-will, it is due to some Christians wanting not just the freedom to pray but a government bullhorn to pray in the faces of others. We just want equality, and yes that means some Christians need to lose their special privileges so we are all equal.

  2. I’m not quite sure what your TRUE purpose is by simply being against something ? I sense politically incorrect anger or is it not politically incorrect when Leftists do it ? What is your logic for wishing to eradicate Christianity ? Is this a Communist/Islamic organization ? Will look forward to ALL COMMENTS.

    • You must have missed Toys for Tots donation drive, solstice and secular Christmas celebrations, participating in parades, and all we are doing to be for charity, family, and good cheer in the holidays. MAAF isn’t a Christian organization, but you really have to stretch to turn this post into a victimization of Christianity.

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