May In Review – MAAF’s Amazing Affiliates

SanDiego - Midway 2014 2

ETC(SW) Doug Wright aboard the USS Midway, San Diego, CA.

The month of May was a busy one for MAAF!  Jason completed a trip to North and South Carolina to promote the organization and talk with local organizations about support for our nontheist service men and women, and developed contacts for future outreach.  Rose was busy in the MAAF office reaching out to our local Affiliate groups to help build membership and reached out to the wider community to create stronger connections between our Affiliates and their members.  She’s currently working with individuals in three locations to hopefully start new Affiliates!

The Fort Drum Humanists also had a busy month, making connections with a local civilian Humanist group, and holding two of monthly discussion groups to promote free thought and intellectualism.  They also hosted a marching group in their local Armed Forces Day parade in their brand new T-shirts, passing out candy with their group’s flier attached.  They ended the month strong, prepped for their first event in June, Percolating Free Thought!

San Diego MAAF spent May preparing for their Memorial Day Celebration aboard the USS Midway.  Local MAAF Leaders ETC(SW) Doug Wright and Debbie Allen hosted a Commemoration Ceremony aboard the Midway to honor the lives and sacrifices of those Humanists, Atheists, and Freethinkers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  The event was well attended, and members enjoyed complimentary tours of the USS Midway.  MAAF Members were also present during the San Diego Earth Day Fair, along with their local Humanist groups, to pass out literature and help make the general public more aware of MAAF and local resources.

KMC-MAAF May 2014

KMC MAAF during their Skeptically Thinking Event about the Anti-Vaccination Movement.

KMC MAAF in Germany has reached a milestone, achieving Squad Level membership.  Squads are MAAF Affiliates that have between 15-29 National Members in their local area and meeting at minimum twice monthly.  KMC MAAF established an offshoot group for local Mothers, held a discussion group about the Anti Vaccination movement, and a Drinking Critically event at a local pub during the month of May, with upwards of twenty members attending the various events.

MASH Ft Campbell has been actively attending a local trivia competition at the Blackhorse Restaurant in Clarksville, Tennessee.  Team Flying Spaghetti Monster holds it’s own during these nights, and have come in first place a few times!

Ft Bragg - FFRF Conf May 2014 1

Ft Bragg MASH Coordinator Brenda at the FFRF Convention


Ft Bragg MASH had a month of fun, from members participating in their local MWR’s 5K Run as part of their Healthy Lifestyle Festival, and celebrating birthdays and Memorial Day with cookouts, parties, and camaraderie!  Early in May, MASH Organizer Brenda and her husband attended the annual Freedom From Religion Foundation Convention, and met up with a fellow MAAF member who had departed from the Ft Bragg area.  Locally, members attended a local Drinking Critically event, in collaboration with the Central NC Atheists and Humanists.



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