MAAF at Tinker AFB helps with tornado disaster relief


TMAAF cover collage

Joseph Griffin leads the local MAAF affiliate at Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City. He is one of many rushing to aid those in Moore, Oklahoma. As a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, he has been coordinating his unit’s 24-7 relief efforts. In addition to that, he is planning his own relief efforts through the Tinker MAAF Facebook page.

For the additional relief effort, he is pulling from among many ways to help those in the local area. Volunteers have done an excellent job in the main part of Moore, OK and Joseph is planning to rally volunteers to a perimeter area. This is likely to be scheduled for Saturday, May 25th.

Those not in the area to help with volunteering should consider one of the many nontheist relief funds including Humanist Charities of the American Humanist Association and Foundation Beyond Belief. As Wolf Blitzer found out, there are atheists in Oklahoma. From the Blitzer incident, Oklahoma Freethought is doing a charitable sale of “Actually, I’m an atheist” shirts. And of course, we wish to help everyone effected, whatever their beliefs because we understand human action is the only way to recover from natural disasters.

Tinker MAAF has done excellent work, having conducted regular service and charitable projects in the local area.

 update 5/23: added FreeOK shirt drive.

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