Godless Patriots Brand Supports Military Atheists

Steven Arauza, a geologist in Austin, has gotten into the t-shirt business. He has a love of country and an atheist worldview. He wants to make sure people know that patriotism and support for troops is common in the nontheist community. Your support through Kickstarter will help Steven to start a business that will increase respect for nontheists around the country. (“Kickstarter” is a site that provides fundraising through social networking.) You can also find Godless Patriots to conventions and events around the country (or contact them to set up a table at your event). While this is a regular for-profit business, Arauza founded the business with charitable goals in mind. To express those goals of the organization, he is giving $1 of sales of selected shirts to MAAF.

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Arauza said this of the partnership: “We are collaborating with MAAF because MAAF is the real-world expression of the values Godless Patriots promotes. While Godless Patriots provides merchandise to raise awarness, MAAF develops leaders, builds community, and  fights against ignorance and discrimination in military culture. That’s why this collaboration makes perfect sense.”

In return, Godless Patriots is featured on the MAAF website along with other MAAF-specific merchandise. By purchasing Godless Patriots products, you can also get the exclusive white-out MAAF logo shirts. Mottos like “Atheism is not a crime”, “Moral Atheist Patriot”, and a British-themed “Keep Calm and Embrace Reason” are positive and innovative messages for our community.