Atheists in Foxholes News 9 Dec 2011

MAAF has selected 43 recent articles of interest in the areas of atheism & humanism in the military, society, and government, both in the US and internationally.  It was a big month as MAAF got a first interview directly with NPR’s All Things Considered with Rachel Martin.  MAAF also earned a lot of backlash coverage for objecting to the placement of a large Christian cross at Camp Pendleton.  Army Captain Ryan Jean accepted an interview about his efforts to gain chaplain support.

Definitely check out the International section highlighting a humanist reflection given at the inauguration of Ireland’s new President.  Also, several stories showed the brave actions of an (atheist) Egyptian who blogged in the nude to fight censorship and subjugation of women.  Also see a bisexual atheist in Nigeria working to reform her country.

Special thanks to The Thinking Atheist and The God Discussion, great podcasts that both featured MAAF this month.  This is only a selection – lots more below.

Atheists and humanists in the military

Promotion of religion through the military

 The Arts


Religion in Politics

Disparaging atheists in foxholes

Recap of the Atheists In Foxholes News

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