Atheists in Foxholes News 28 Dec 2011

MAAF has selected 31 recent articles of interest in the areas of atheism & humanism in the military, society, and government, both in the US and internationally.  As always, December was filled with arguments about holiday displays and the “War on Christmas.”  Justin Griffith, Military Director of American Atheists, helped to jump-start local activism by supporting Travis M*A*S*H and their participation in the Travis AFB holiday display.

Related to this is the continuing coverage of the Camp Pendleton Christian shrine.  Local pressure, military culture, and the Christmas season have resulted in the continuation of Christian privilege on the base and no repercussions for the leaders involved.

MAAF also posted two reports, one on a mandatory Army Risk Assessment recommending chaplain treatment for “Extremely High Risk” soldiers. The second was a Pew Forum study highlighting the benefits of and need for the military to provide for the secular community.

Finally, the atheist community lost a great leader in Christopher Hitchens.  His support for the Iraq war was controversial, but he was nonetheless revered as a leader and will be missed.  These stories and more below.

Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011)

Fabricated Right Wing War on Christmas

Secular holiday displays / Travis AFB

Camp Pendleton Cross controversy

Atheism, Humanism, and Religious Issues in the Military

International Humanism


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