West Point To Feature Atheist Leader at Diversity Conference

The United States Military Academy Diversity Leadership Council has sponsored a conference at West Point from Oct 19th to 21st.  The theme is “Cultivating Leadership and Inclusion for Service to the Nation.” Principal sponsors are BoozAllenHamilton, Accenture, GE, ITT contractors, Walmart, USAA Bank, and Wiley publishing.  West Point has invited major corporations and speakers to a premier leadership institution to discuss challenges and opportunities in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

“Our facilitators will cover a broad range of topics, among which will include the importance of diversity in complex problem solving, managing talent to optimize output, and facilitating a culture of inclusion. We will do so by focusing our attention on five key areas: Culture, Talent Management, Outreach, Workforce, and Respect.”

Jason Torpy, President of the Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers, will be included in two sessions of the Culture track.  He will comment on reforms necessary to provide equal opportunity for atheists and humanists and to improve the diversity of the military chaplaincy.  Retired Presbyterian Chaplain (CAPT) Lyman Smith is studies the role of religion in politics and is helping the military study religious influence on gay rights.  Nathaniel Frank is an author and gay rights activist specializing in the stories of gay military personnel.  Paul Berghaus is a chaplain at USMA, and Greg Gadson is Director of the Army’s Wounded Warrior Program.