Secular Organizations Find Bias in Combined Federal Campaign

proselytizing organizations should not be promoted by government programs

The Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers conducts an ongoing review of Combined Federal Campaign charities to help its members select charities that align closely MAAF objectives such as respect for conscience and belief and support for atheists in foxholes.  MAAF has conducted this review bi-annually since 2003.  Since the first review, MAAF has found a tiny number of organizations closely aligned with MAAF objectives, and a large number of organizations on the CFC list that are primarily related to Christian evangelism, often through exploitation of children, the poor, and refugees overseas. The government and the military in particular have Constitutional and operational interest in avoiding sectarian conversions through the Campaign.

ACS has shown its true feelings towards nontheists

MAAF has issued a special caution against the American Cancer Society (CFC# 10570) because the ACS has rejected a generous donation from the Stiefel Freethought Foundation, presumably due to atheist discrimination within the ACS organization. This is disturbing for an organization that should be neutral and equal opportunity. MAAF hopes that donors and staff at ACS can resolve this issue soon. Until then, MAAF discourages its members from further donations.

The 2011 review (view full listing here) shows seven organizations supporting MAAF objectives and religious tolerance. MAAF recommends those organizations to its members. Nine organizations are intent specifically on encouraging military personnel to preach and convert others in the military. This is damaging to morale and should have no government support. 131 organizations are dedicated to converting others, often through such methods as taking orphans to Christian homes and orphanages for indoctrination or selling Christianity in return for basic food and housing in poor or war-torn areas. The CFC should not accept such organizations into the Campaign.

48 organizations were “religious support” organizations, which is to say that they were organizations supporting their own religion — Christians helping Christians, Catholics helping Catholics, Jews helping Jews (e.g., Military Archidiocese, Lutheran Braille Workers). 39 organizations were “faith based,” drawing their purpose from their religion, having charitable but not specifically religious purposes (e.g., Toys for Tots, Habitat for Humanity). These organizations are not primarily engaged in conversion activities and are appropriately listed by CFC. MAAF has no problem with religiously-inspired charities, only with the co-opting of government resources in conversion attempts. MAAF also has no problem with Christianity specifically, but all proselytizing organizations happened to be Christian.

MAAF acquired the most recent list through the Freedom of Information Act to better inform its members. Visitors are encouraged to submit questions or corrections to MAAF.

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