Atheists in Foxholes News 11 Oct 2011

MAAF has selected 63 recent articles of interest in the areas of atheism & humanism in the military, society, and government, both in the US and internationally.  The tenth anniversary of 9/11 happened during the past month and played a prominent role in the news.  MAAF highlighted those stories in a separate 9/11 section, including coverage of comments by MAAF President Jason Torpy at a 9/11 Memorial at the Harrisburg State Capitol.  Unfortunately the passionate feelings of 9-11 have also caused several journalists to lash out at atheists, disparaging our service to the nation.  Others took the time to recognize atheist hero Pat Tillman.

Christopher Hitchens has also been provided a feature section as several stories came out.  His life continues to outshine even the shadow of cancer.  Eulogies for Leonard Weinglass and Andy Rooney are included.  In the Atheist Art section, George Clooney’s new role as an atheist president in Ides of March is covered.

Chaplain and Military Reform includes several articles on MAAF successes in military funerals and chaplain publications as well as the recent repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Dustin Chalker has posted a White House Petition to end military discrimination.  The petition is half way to the 5000 needed to reach the President.  Sign up today.

Atheists In Foxholes News Recap

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