Atheists in Foxholes News 6 Sept 2011

MAAF has selected 29 recent articles of interest in the areas of atheism & humanism in the military, society, and government, both in the US and internationally.  Stars & Stripes posted a feature and a secondary article highlighting MAAF’s outreach to local organizations.  In a major step forward, Ft Bragg atheist concert “Rock Beyond Belief” was approved by officials and is scheduled for March 24th, 2012.  This announcement comes along with the Reason Rally, on March 31st, 2012, a major DC event sponsored by 15 secular organizations.

These articles and many more covering demographics, Rick Perry, the WTC Cross, and other issues of interest.

Atheism and Humanism in the Military

Atheism and Humanism in Government

Atheism and Humanist in Society

Atheism & Humanism in International Society


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