Veterans and Active Duty Sought for Survey

The Center for Atheist Research is an unbiased and professional organization of researchers studying the needs and culture of atheists.  Through discussions with MAAF and other foxhole atheists the center was informed of the lack of consideration of the military for the needs of atheists, humanists, and other nontheists.  In particular, the “spirituality/spiritual fitness” programs provide for training and concepts that promote religion and are dismissive of naturalistic and nontheistic service members.  In order to be more comprehensive and objective about issues of well-being in military service, the Center is conducting a study and needs participation, particularly from the nontheist community.

U.S. Military Personnel and Veterans’ participation wanted for national online Secular/Spiritual Well-Being Survey 

In October 2009, the Army began measuring the “spiritual fitness” of troops with the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) program’s Global Assessment Tool.  This Tool is an online survey that asks a series of multiple-choice questions about a person’s well-being.

The Center for Atheist Research ( is conducting an online research study on the validity of this “spiritual fitness” Tool, and on the secular/spiritual well-being of U.S. Military Personnel and Veterans.

If you are a member or veteran of the U.S. Military, you are invited to participate in this survey study, which has been approved by the University of Tampa Institutional Review Board.

To participate in, or learn more about, this survey please visit:   [survey closed]

If you would like to speak with the principal investigator, Dr. Ryan Cragun, about this survey, please contact him at

Thank you again for your consideration.

Ryan T. Cragun, Ph.D.
Joseph H. Hammer, M.Ed.
Karen Hwang, Ed.D.

2 Responses to Veterans and Active Duty Sought for Survey

  1. I am not a veteran (I am a female senior citizen of nearly seventy) but value the service of all veterans, regardless of their religious persuasion. A survey like this scares the heck out of me for three reasons: 1. Religion has absolutely nothing to do with moral values. (The most patently ethical people I know are atheists.) 2. Surely, making moral assessments of personnel is far beyond the scope of the purpose of the military. (We are doing a horrible job of meeting their physical needs, including their post-combat mental health; therefore, our priorities are horribly skewed.) 3. On what basis was the University of Tampa issued a grant to study such an irrelevant issue as religiosity and moral value in the military? Any study that is based on the assumption that non-believers need reprogramming is insulting and counter to whatever we are as a nation. The men who drafted our Constitution knew only too well the dangers of the intimate mixture of church and state. In fact, they risked the hangman’s noose as traitors to keep the two in balance. And as a taxpayer, I’d rather have a rational person protecting me than a religious one.

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