Atheists In Foxholes News, 1 Aug 2011

MAAF has selected 25 recent articles of interest in the areas of atheism & humanism in the media and military, and in the area of church-state separation.  This month is dominated by the hot-potato treatment of Christian terrorist Anders Breivik.  Christian pundits say he’s no TRUE Christian while everyone else, including PZ Myers, Ed Brayton, Tom Flynn, and MAAF’s Jason Torpy, point out the huge, red Martyr’s Cross emblazoned on the 1500-page plan for Christian domination authored by baptized, confirmed, and self-identify “100% Christian.”

Other articles cover a great victory by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation in starting a review of Christian-themed training for Nuclear Missile operations.  Air Force Link posts an article promoting mass prayer before deployments.  Obama stumbles over his continuing allowance for faith-based discrimination in government-funded organizations.  And the VA garners more support for its Constitutional protections against proselytism by volunteers.

Readers might check out new stand-up comedy by atheist Jim Jefferies and “Afterlife” by Rick Gervais, a show about an atheist in heaven, co-produced by the creator of “Dexter.”

Read about these stories and more in the full article.

Atheists in the military

Atheists in Foxholes News Recap


Church-State Issues in the Military

Separation of Church and State

Atheism and Humanism in the Media

Anders Breivik and Norway Terror

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