Atheists in Foxholes News 13 July 2011

MAAF has selected 37 recent articles of interest in the areas of atheism & humanism in the media and military, and in the area of church-state separation.  This month includes a special international section.  An Austrian gained approval to wear a Pastafarian collander as religious headgear in his driver’s license photo.  The Bangladeshi Prime Minister is touting secular humanism as a way her country can thrive among larger, more sectarian neighbors.  UK authorities are having to rush through laws to try to prevent sectarian violence in soccer/football events.

American Atheists was in the news for its national 4th of July airplane-towed banner ads.  Although many states had no pilots willing to fly the ads, AA shows resolve to increase the visibility of atheism nationwide.  Charles Darwin descendant Matthew Chapman put out his new movie “The Ledge” which specifically promotes the atheist philosophy with big budget actors.

MAAF has posted several positive stories of success around the world with local groups, positive advances at the military academies, and measurable policy changes in support of atheists and humanists.  Nonetheless issues continue.  Army Chaplain Ken Bolen of the 25th Infantry Division in Alaska writes, “for lifelong joy and peace, a relationship with God is the only anchor that’s been found over the thousands of years of human existence.”  In an otherwise positive article, nontheistic soldiers in his unit would be left wondering how such a chaplain could truly represent their joyous and peaceful humanist philosophy.  Army Reserve Chaplain Michael Milton tells of consistent proselytism in his military ministry and at the Army War College (denied vigorously by War College officials).

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