Atheists in Foxholes News 10 Jun 2011

MAAF has selected 46 recent articles of interest in the areas of atheism & humanism in the media and military and church-state separation.  That is a lot of coverage, but all interesting.  Memorial Day tributes by LA Atheism Examiner Hugh Kramer including remembrance of Pat Tillman and an article and video of MAAF participation in the Annville, PA Memorial Day Parade were representative of the holiday.

Chaplain coverage continues in the news, including humanist chaplains.  Commentary about chaplains in Australian schools, UK city council, VA hospitals, and the Russian Army joined continuing coverage of MAAF efforts to endorse humanist chaplains.  This all with a breaking story that the military is set to accept its first Hindu chaplain (a Christian convert).

Problems continue including a Rock Beyond Belief story regarding official Army Vacation Bible camps.  An astronaut denies atheists in foxholes.  An Ohio Congressman pushes for a prayer display at the WWII Memorial.  Army chaplain school commandant says

There is good news as well with Denver atheists posting Paula Poundstone. reports on Pentagon study that has finally found an atheist in a foxhole.  An NYC artist invites science-types to get quantum entangled as an alternative to marriage.

All this and more in 46 stories of interest…  Take time to comment on your favorites.

Atheism & Humanism in the military

Atheism & Humanism in the Media

Church-State Separation

Humanist entertainment

Atheists in foxholes disparaged


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  1. I greatly appreciate your service to our country and as a result the freedom we have to express our views.

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