Local military atheists groups make headlines

Out Campaign Act OutLocal groups are starting on post as a result of local leaders agreeing to stand up and stand out.  There are 17 current organizations, 7 of which are working through the chaplains for greater assistance.  There have been delays, but no direct opposition as yet.  Local groups at military academies, major US and international installations, and even on ships are starting up and becoming more successful.

MASH Ft Bragg is continuing to hold excellent local activities, having hosted Congressional Candidate Cecil Bothwell invited to speak for the Day of Reason.  They are also garnering media in MSNBC, USA Today, Care2, Denver Post, and the Washington Times for local activities and continuing efforts to host Rock Beyond Belief.  A local billboard campaign in the Raleigh area.

MacDill AFB Atheists & Secular Humanists was featured by the St Petersburg Times.  They have official recognition by the local chaplains and are meeting in the base chapel. The article indicated the meetings happen with the “encouragement” of the chaplains, but that is not correct.  Chaplains support activities, but do not encourage any activities.  In addition, the article pointed out that the meetings occur in a room “adorned with Biblical scenes.”  The author did not clarify that this is of no concern to the atheists meeting there and that the chaplains are happy to provide other “unadorned” rooms upon request.

CENTEX-MAAF at Ft Hood and MASH Ft Campbell are planning Rapture Parties on May 21st and 22nd.  The parties are a reaction to the reports of the end of the world that are being published in major cities by a fringe Christian ministry.  Dave Silverman, President of American Atheists spoke to a group of 40 at the US Military Academy on May 3rd.  Naval Academy Cadets met April 29th with humanist members of the local Unitarian Universalist congregation to help build a summer program for Midshipmen.

See more local military and civilian organizations and their activities at the MAAF Network.


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