Atheists in Foxholes News 10 May 2011

MAAF has selected 32 articles of interest in the areas of atheism & humanism in the media and military and church-state separation.  Humanist chaplains and local military atheist groups were most prominent in the news, and there are separate entries about those items.

The current Executive Officer of Naval Station Great Lakes denied the service of atheists in his keynote speech to a recent prayer breakfast. MAAF has requested a retraction and confirmation that atheists have equal opportunity at Great Lakes.

Several positive stories commemorated foxhole atheist Pat Tillman who was killed seven years ago. His foundation provides scholarships to veterans, ensuring that Pat’s legacy as a scholar warrior will continue.

A Humanist Bible has been created by AC Grayling. It has been well received and added to the MAAF book list.  Another biography of Joel Barlow, Revolutionary war atheist chaplain is very relevant to MAAF.

Church State separation articles regarding town council prayer and the national day of prayer show continuing efforts to establish religion in government. One Police Chief showed courage and integrity in opposing his Mayor’s questionable religious study plans.

Atheism & Humanism in the military
San Diego editors thank service members including atheists
Pacifist atheist refuses Egyptian Army conscription
Military leadership diversity includes atheists
Australian take on inclusive and patriotic values
Americans dislike atheists
Remembrance of Pat Tillman
Sex toy maker sends a real thank-you to the troops
Right to lie about military decorations upheld
Egypt secular parties in race for credibility
Atheism & Humanism in the Media
Humanist Bible made by AC Grayling Guard
Science 2.0: Discussion of atheism and science
Remembering the Real Ayn Rand
British Columbia bus drivers boycott campaign
Writer’s son causes crises of faith
Cecil Bothwell, atheist Congressional candidate
Joel Barlow, Revolutionary war chaplain atheist
Why are there no good Bible games?
New Zealand Star Times review flag as a secular ‘holy’ symbol
Human impact on planet indicates new geological epoch
Church-State Separation
National Day of Prayer upheld by Courts
Orlando Area Town Council promotes government religion
Police Chief stands up for Separation of Church & State
National Day of Prayer should be private
Media disparages atheists in foxholes
Jeff Johnson, Washington Times
Erich Scherfen, convert from Catholicism to Islam
Aiken Standard Feature Article
Tahu Potiki, New Zealand Press
Crazy Mel Gibson
Andrew Heller, Flint Journal
Dwight Eisenhower and American Legion during McCarthy Era
Stephanie Porter-Nichols, SWVA Today
CMDR Robert Sullivan, Naval Station Great Lakes Commander

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