MAAF Atlantic Coast Trip, March 2011

NoVA : Norfolk : Raleigh : Bragg : Jackson
Mar 13-22, 2011

MAAF President Jason Torpy is visiting several locations in the Atlantic coast from March 13th through March 22nd.  With invitations from representatives and Ft Jackson, Ft Bragg, and Naval Station Norfolk, Mr Torpy is helping military leaders and chaplains understand why and how to help atheists, humanists, and other nontheist service members.

Mr Torpy will give three presentations to civilian organizations on the status of the military and MAAF strategies to build community within the military on March 13th and 20th (2).  He will present updates on Air Force Academy training, humanist chaplaincy, local group development, and spiritual fitness and the ongoing Rock the Fort / Rock Beyond Belief saga.

Jason is also planning visits to a joint event for local groups in Columbia (3/16), the Ft Bragg MASH chapter (3/17), and Triangle Freethought in Raleigh (3/21).  These informal visits will offer opportunities to meet and discuss MAAF issues in person for those interested.

  • March 13th, WASH Northern Virginia presentation on MAAF humanist chaplains
  • March 16th, Ft Jackson visit and evening social with local SC groups – Grecian Gardens, 2312 Sunset Blvd West, Columbia, SC, 7PM
  • March 17th, Ft Bragg, NC installation chaplaincy visit and MASH Ft Bragg visit in the evening
  • March 19th, West Point Society of DC Founder’s Day visit (attending as a graduate)
  • March 20th 11AM, NoVA Ethical Society presentation on collaboration with military leaders
  • March 20th 7PM, UNC Chapel Hill presentation on leadership abuses for religious privilege (college and military)
  • March 21st, Triangle Freethought Society visit (Raleigh, NC)
  • March 22nd, Naval Station Norfolk visit

See the MAAF calendar for additional presentations, visits, and related events, including the American Humanist Association and American Atheist conventions in April.

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