MAAF News 16 Feb 2011

Trending stories about Atheists, Atheists in the Military, MAAF, and occasional other news items of interest.

  • Podcast Frostcall interviews MAAF, MASH Ft Bragg, and MASH Ft Campbell leaders
  • Reddit atheism trends, atheists joining the military and MAAF in Tampa
  • Backward, Christian Soldiers, The Nation about proselytism in the military
  • Humanist Hip Hop, San Diego CityBEAT
  • New atheist film “Paul, Breitbart
  • New Tufts humanist chaplaincy, Tufts Daily

Jason Torpy | Rock Beyond Belief
Podcast Frostcall interviews Jason Torpy, President of MAAF, Justin Griffith, leader of M*A*S*H Ft Bragg and efforts to expand new M*A*S*H Chapters, and Grace Quiroz, new leader of M*A*S*H Ft Campbell

Reddit atheism trends
Why would an atheist join the military? : atheism; Reddit feed with a trending story about atheists in the military, and about the recent MAAF visit to Atheists of Florida in Tampa and the establishment of MacDill Atheists & Freethinkers.

Backward, Christian Soldiers, The Nation.
Article in The Nation about continuing proselytism in the military

The Left and Islam, Dissident Voice
Each ideology in its own peculiar way has led us to a state of moral
blindness, for it is these two so-called ‘humanist’ calls that relate to US foreign and military policy; PEP – Progressive except on Palestine.

Humanist Hip Hop, San Diego CityBEAT
“I would say I make humanist hiphop. It is about a connection orsensitivity to what happens on the other side of the world.” – Ana Tijoux

New atheist film, Breitbart
“Simon Pegg’s newly-released science-fiction comedy “Paul” — just more of the strident, boorish evangelical atheism we’re seeing from our entertainment overlords” – John Nolte

Where the secular and the devout come together, Tufts Daily
Commentary on the new humanist chaplaincy at Tufts University

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