The military has always been a source of leaders in the United States. MAAF would like to encourage and support nontheist military student leaders. MAAF is partnering with the Secular Student Alliance to find up-and-coming leaders. MAAF will award $500 to a student leader who has demonstrated excellence in both military and nontheist activities. The military includes both current and prior service, all branches, and particularly ROTC and academy cadets. Nontheist activities include participation in student or non-student organizations with atheist, humanist, agnostic or other nontheist focuses. In each area, leadership, volunteerism, and awards should be included.

This program should also provide an opportunity for student organizations to reach out to local military installations and to ROTC programs. Let them know that there is nontheist support for them as well and that our community is supportive of the military. Applications must be submitted online at Applications include two sections, military activities and nontheist activities, collectively limited to 500 words. There is also an administrative section requesting name, contact information, academic status, and military status. MAAF will follow up to clarify submissions prior to making the final decision. The application period is August 9th to October 13th, 2009.

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Nontheist activities and leadership

Military activities and leadership