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  1. I would be curious to see how many “groups” have representation that hold war and violence as taboo. After the recent issues the Navy’s chaplains corps have been facing with the repeal of DADT, and their continued ability to discriminate based on orientation.

  2. Maybe someone in the roll as an advocate would be a better choice than that of a chaplain.

  3. Activist evangelicals have had a, very successful, long term campaign to infiltrate and dominate military chaplaincy. I got similar data in the mid-1990s. The. 30% not claiming any religion has grown from the low twenties. Atheists will need some sort of program to train atheist “chaplains” for military and criminal justice system work. And, there will need to be some sort of certifying agency that government agencies can reference to determine that applicants are not random people off the street.

    • They do have the endorsing agencies and a very rigorous review process followed by standardized training for all new chaplains. The process has a blind spot for nontheists that tends to grow into hostility and they have a preference for Christianity that also creates issues. But the processes can be fixed relatively easily.

  4. The word “Chaplain” would not be the right word to use for an Atheist. A better term needs to be thought of for those with no religion.

    • Terminology is irrelevant. The word is chaplain and if they want to think up a different word for us, then fine, but we still need to be in the same command/power/money structure that the religious chaplains enjoy.

  5. Something is wrong here. The decimal points seem to be off.

    • I don’t think so. 1.2% is the max on the scale. Seems small until you remember there are 100 different preferences.

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