The first and most important pillar of the MAAF mission is to build community for atheists & humanists in the military. This happens through international membership, local groups on military installations and ships, local civilian nontheist groups, and collaboration with friendly organizations. We also reach out to the military to inspire military leaders to create a welcoming environment for nontheists in the same way they do for other diversity communities in need.

BBQ at North Bay MASH, Travis AFB, CA

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Being an atheist or freethinker in the military can be a challenge. Now more than ever MAAF needs atheists and freethinkers to stand together. For far too long we have been marginalized and treated like second-class soldiers. Excluded from prayer breakfasts, forced into religious ceremonies, and discriminated against for not attending church services, it is important that as a community we stand strong. MAAF draws its strength from numbers. We stand as a reminder that there are atheists in foxholes, on ships, and in airplanes throughout the world. Together we can make a difference and help atheists and freethinkers be proud of their beliefs and find a supportive community.

For many members, MAAF is the first place they meet other military atheists and freethinkers. MAAF members have fought in all major conflicts back to World War II and represent all services and hundreds of specialties. We are committed to providing a social community as well as a grass-roots activist network. Unlike many atheist and freethought organizations we are not location dependent. Our commitment to providing an internet community is out of our understanding of the uprooted nature of military service. MAAF members support each other not only as atheists and freethinkers but also as friends. No other organization understands the unique challenges facing military freethinkers and atheists today.

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MAAF works with a long list of organizations to expand our influence and reach

West Point summer program

West Point nontheist meeting