USAFA Religious Respect

The following is an ongoing update of status related to the 2010 Religious Respect Conference itself as well as related developments. Also review the MAAF homepage and the MAAF watch list. In an unprecedented example of military outreach to nontheists, US Air Force Academy officials collaborated with MAAF and other endorsing agencies to review religious respect training at the Academy. The tone of the event was positive, direct participation (not just attendance) by several General-officer level leaders. In an additional show of confidence, two USAFA chaplains joined MAAF President Jason Torpy at a speaking engagement at Freethinkers of Colorado Springs that was held the day after the conference. The final outcome of training, training implementation, and tangible changes in the climate are yet to be seen. However, this event constitutes a first step forward out of the negative command climate that has characterized USAFA since the scandals of 2004-2006.

Breaking: Unfortunately, the 2012 Conference will include no nontheist representation. (see related article)