What if I can’t access atheist sites or get MAAF email at work?

Military installations and units have domain firewalls just like private corporations. These firewalls sometimes block emails or websites of nontheist organizations including MAAF. This has occurred at several installations including those listed below. The challenge is that domain restrictions are set at different command levels and implemented, technically, in different ways. This leads to an extremely time-consuming set of phone calls to get someone to take responsibility for the changes, and then someone to actually make the changes.

It is important to identify the nature of the issue. Those seeing MAAF or any of the other nontheist orgs blocked should take the additional step of seeing if alternative organizations are also blocked. Check ocfusa.org, ccci.org, navigators.org, and billygraham.org. If they are blocked, send the following items to MAAF:

  • The 5 screenshots (the 4 other sites and militaryatheists.org)
  • Yes/No if you are willing to be identified by name in the complaint
  • Any contact information you have for your domain administrator
  • Any actions you have already taken to resolve the issue