What Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) does MAAF recommend?

The Combined Federal Campaign is a list of charities disseminated by the US Government to all government employees, basically like the United Way. Federal employees can easily select from among these vetted and approved charities for their personal giving programs. MAAF is not currently listed, but MAAF accepts donations directly Рone-time donations or automatic, recurring donations just like CFC. No paypal account required. If you prefer to work with CFC charities, MAAF does review programs to identify the charities with the best fit to MAAF goals of supporting nontheists in the military and promoting interfaith toleration.

See a full review and how various charities conform

In summary, MAAF recommends the following CFC charities:

  • 12504 – Society for Humanistic Judaism – Human-centered celebration of Jewish culture and identity, promoting humanism, dignity, equality and ethical behavior. Building humanistic Jewish congregations today, creating continuity for our children tomorrow.
  • 30916 – Unity Productions Foundation – UPF produces films and educational campaigns aimed to increase understanding and foster dialogue among the world’s cultural traditions with a focus on Muslim-U.S. relations.
  • 32519 – Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. – Join our effective national association of freethinkers (atheists and agnostics), founded in 1978, in promoting freethought and defending the constitutional principle of state/church separation.
  • 12437 – Middle East Peace Dialogue Network, Inc. – Supports dialogue activities throughout the Middle East between its many and varied nationalities, cultures, religion and political philosophies. Dialogue is the key to future peace.
  • 12438 – Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh – Promotes mutual understanding among Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, and economic development throughout all of Ireland. Job training, economic development and educational organization.
  • 12440 – International Center for Religion and Diplomacy – ICRD resolves conflict where religion is a factor. Help us bridge political differences between adversaries in areas of potential or actual conflict.
  • 19492 – American Humanist Association – We advocate for the rights of humanist, atheist, and secular Americans, defend the separation of church and state, advance science and reason, promote humanist values.

MAAF reviewed a list of over 2500 programs. There were a disturbing amount of primarily designed to convert others to Christianity. CFC is a government program that disseminates charities to well over 1 million potential subscribers. This type of program must maintain Church/State Separation. Currently, there are several charities that openly proselytize and must not be included in this government-sponsored charity promotion.
See a full review and how various charities conform.