How do I get on the Atheists in Foxholes List?

At the MAAF Atheists in Foxholes list, (, over 200 MAAF members have provided service record and pictures to show there are atheists in foxholes. If you would like to be listed, first you must join MAAF and then send the information listed below.

If you send this information to MAAF, we will post it on the website. Standing up for yourself allows you to stand up for so many others.

Please use proper punctuation (not all lower case, not all caps). Please explain acronyms and job codes. All information is optional.

Copy the information listed below and send it using the MAAF contact form. You’ll also receive this information when you join MAAF or update your membership and you can reply to that email with information and attachments.

Service component(s):
Dates of service:
Tours of duty, with dates:
Link to AIF video:
& Comments:
Please also provide other comments relating to hazardous duty, what you believe about prayer in combat, and any experiences you have had relating to religious tolerance/discrimination in the military.